MailTest is a FREE Email Domain Validation API

You've spent hours days weeks months building your website, application or service. Now is not the time to lose valuable users during registration.

Accept addresses from registered domains with active mailservers
Detect throwaway, temporary or disposable email addresses
Avoid monetized email services never read by humans
Don't share private customer email data with 3rd parties

“Hang on a moment, this technology isn’t rocket science. A experienced programmer could add similar functionality to my website in a few hours, right?”

Sort of. Adding the technology is pretty straightforward. Making it reliable and fast isn’t too much additional effort either. But who is going to maintain the data? How will you detect disposable email addresses? Or monetized bounce services? Are your sources up-to-date? Can you keep them that way?

MailTest is a FREE RESTful API which you can integrate with your project today. Check out our documentation and take it for a spin.