Frequently Asked Questions

Is the data guaranteed to be accurate?

No. It is impossible for any service of this kind to be 100% accurate all of the time. What it does do is provide a greater degree of likelihood that the email addresses you are validating are genuine.

Why is this service free?

MailTest was created to scratch an itch we faced in other projects, and it was only a little extra effort to make this available to you too.

Are there any limits?

Yes. Our service is rate-limited (currently to 120 requests per IP address, per hour*) but if you’d like more bandwidth, please talk to us to see how we can make this work.

Is my data private?

Yes, of course. However, speaking frankly, no private data is ever passed at all. For your peace of mind you can choose between our HTTP or HTTPS service (they’re both free).

Are you against Disposable Email Address services?

No, not at all. It is entirely your choice how you wish to handle Disposable Email Address domains. Our service aims to give you a more informed choice based on the data we have available.

How can I report a new Disposable Email Service to you?

Please contact us. Thank you!

Why are you only checking the domain and not the full address?

Firstly, to prevent spam the majority of email servers refuse address lookups these days anyway. The domain lookup is really just as good.

Secondly, passing an email address to a 3rd party, whether they store it or not, likely contravenes your privacy policy. Add things like HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance into the mix and data privacy becomes very complex indeed.

Doing it this way keeps it simple but just as effective in most cases.

Why are you called

Mail Testin’. Geddit?

* We reserve the right to change or rate limit speed at any time. Please see our terms and conditions.